Stratford Hall

I am excited to share an upcoming professional transition. At the end of this academic year, I will end my tenure at University Prep and become the Head of School at Stratford Hall.

Stratford Hall is an independent, K–12, International Baccalaureate, progressive institution located in East Vancouver. The school serves 540 students and was founded in 2000. The school is known for an educational program grounded in inquiry, thematic connection, and global perspective, a community based on pluralism and relationships, and strong social justice practices. I look forward to joining the school this summer and working with the staff and board to advance into its next chapter.

University Prep has prepared me well for this transition. Over ten years, I was able to lead collaborative development of Next Generation Learning, new courses that encouraged student choice, and powerful faculty professional development. I have worked with outstanding heads of school, administrators, department heads, and program directors. We have navigated all that the world has thrown at us with courage and care.

I will finish this academic year at University Prep and begin work at Stratford Hall on August 1. Thank you to the leadership and boards at both schools for your interest and partnership.

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