Forums Diary, Part 2

I am periodically publishing pre-blog journal entries about the UHS Forums

December 10, 2003

Unbelievably, the forums continue to explode. Last night at 9:00, there were 40 students logged in simultaneously. New topics were appearing left and right. Conversations ranged from the important to the trivial. In the Haiku forum, four students engaged in a playful but profane haiku contest, cutting on each other with vigorous swears, sometimes in French or Spanish. I deleted five posts, immediately regretted it, and then felt better when I saw that the offending students had left the forum for the night. The irony is that Sarah had just announced in the faculty meeting that afternoon that moderator interference had not been necessary. Perhaps also as a result of that meeting, Rob and Steve appeared in the forums and encouraged the kids to settle down and study for their finals.

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