NetNewsWire Aggregator

I finally got myself a RSS/Atom news aggregator. This was my first attempt at reviewing and selecting an aggregator, so I checked the Macintosh software ratings at and picked NetNewsWire. There are benefits to joining the revolution at version 2. To my surprise, the biggest benefit of having an aggregator was the list of hundreds of links that came bundled with the software. This included about 20 in an Educational Technology category, of which I now subscribe to about five.

One gem really stood out, Blog Juice for Educational Technology, itself an aggregator of a wide variety of ed tech sources compiled by a medical executive named Joe Schwoebel. I still haven’t figured out why he is so interested in educational technology, so help me out if you know.

Other benefits of NetNewsWire are flexible integration with your default web browser, a vertical reading panel option, a New Items category option, integrated (optional) web browser, auto-download of podcasts into iTunes, and a “post to weblog” option. The only downside to this program is that they have borrowed a number of interface features from Apple Mail and Camino, both of which I run concurrently, so I sometimes forget which program I am currently viewing.

if you are reading blogs, I highly recommend trying an aggregator. NetNewsWire cost me $25, but there is a light version (that only reads RSS feeds) and plenty of other free options out there, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Safari for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) even has average news reading capabilities.

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