Nucleus CMS Blogging Tool

What powers this blog? Nucleus CMS does. I do not know a lot about different blogging tools, but Nucleus seems like a high quality package with a good range of features and strong extensibility. I am especially unfamiliar with hosted blogging services, which tend to provide a full set of features and either cost money or include advertisements on your blog. If you have your own web host and the access permissions to install software, you may select from a wide range of of free and inexpensive, open-source blogging tools (see Hotscripts and search for “blog” for examples).

The Nucleus architecture provides for web-based administration, multiple blogs, templates, skins, and includes, giving one virtually unlimited power to personalize and modify the site. (For example, the UHS e-Sportsline runs off the same Nucleus installation as this blog.) And if you don’t like a feature, you may delve into the PHP code yourself, completely open and well-organized for your access.

We need more software that is well-written, organized, and easy to use. The only other blogging tool I have installed is Greymatter, and that was a royal pain compared to Nucleus.


  1. Web Marketing Mentor says:

    Have you any views on Nucleus v WordPress? I use WordPress now but am thinking of switching.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Not really. I haven’t really used WordPress, outside of once installing WordPress multi-user. Nucleus is perfectly sufficient and easy to use for everything I do and handles multiple user blogs more efficiently than WordPress. I am sure that WordPress has more features, themes, and a more sophisticated admin interface, but I don’t care. There’s not so much to blogging software, after all.