Why Blog?

Why Blog?
Why have I decided to finally jump on the blog bandwagon? NECC 2005 helped me move beyond the hysteria of blog as world panacea to a more honest assessment of the relationship between blogger and blog. Blogs always felt self-serving to me, and it was refreshing to hear people acknowledge that perspective and incorporate it into a strategy for web publishing.

I am presently planning to publish the following types of content in this blog:

1. A short profile on each open source web application I use and each custom script that I write for school. These are items for which I do feel expert.
2. Exploratory ideas for which I do not feel expert but would like feedback from others.
3. A personal online knowledgebase. Even if no one else were to ever read this blog, it will serve as a repository for ideas and projects that I may search later.

Blogging gives one an air of authority on a topic. The author is a noted expert on topic ABC and pontificates on how the world should be. I have grown more comfortable with the idea of blog as experimental idea space, becomes less afraid to air thoughts that are not fully developed or in areas in which I am a total beginner. If someone finds my posts useful, then I will have helped someone. I will do my best to avoid the tone of voice of presumed authority where none necessarily exists.

Blog as personal knowledgebase has the potential to be a more effective notetaking mechanism than the haphazard creation of files on my local hard drive. The blog’s potential external audience (even if imaginary) can be a powerful motivating factor to keep one writing. It also helps to keep one’s personal knowledgebase in one location that you may access from anywhere.

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