500 Testers Return

No matter how well we prepare during the summer, we always have a thousand small tasks to take care of in the first week of school. Why? It’s a testing phenomenon. All summer, our little department of three looks for potential problems and attempts to solve them. Then five hundred members of our community return and begin to use every corner of the school’s network. We find out about computers without wireless access, printers that don’t work, dim data projectors, and countless needs that have changed since the end of last year. Our to-do list has grown quite long in the last day, but we will consider it a success if things return to normal within a week or two.

On a related note, I am considering rolling the Mac Lab computers back to Panther. Tiger is definitely causing BlueJ to behave erratically, and it may also be related to strange download problems with PDFs and Plone. Aside from the potential to get Active Directory integration to finally work, not much will be lost by falling back to Panther. The new features in Tiger seem geared more to the individual or home user than a computer lab environment.

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