InsideUHS Exposed

The technologies that run insideUHS are a blend of brand name products, proprietary shareware, free, open source software, and custom developed scripts. I presented this list to a small but very enthusiastic group of BAISnet members that visited UHS today.

Brand Names
– Microsoft Exchange Server (Outlook Web Access)
– Microsoft Server (Internet Information Services, file server)
– Macromedia Dreamweaver (HTML documents)
– Athena (library catalog)
– Naviance (college counseling)

Proprietary Shareware
DAF: Dynamic Authentication Filter (user authentication)
FileMan (remote file access)

Free Open Source Software
YaBB Forum (bulletin board)
Moodle (course web sites)
Greymatter (blog)
Nucleus CMS (blog)
CalendarScript (calendar)
Plone (content management system, wiki)
Coppermine (photo gallery)

Custom Scripts Developed In-House
Athletics schedules and results
– Community service learning plans and hours
– Independent study proposals
– Wireless registration
– EMU announcements
– Student class schedule
– Student directory
Application for admission
Alumni community site
– English 1 vocabulary activity
– Parent web account registration
– Slideshow
– School Council elections
– Attendance submission and reports


  1. Jameson says:

    Hi Richard,

    I came across this old posting of yours and was interested in one of the items you had mentioned under your custom scripts list for the insideUHS site.

    What tools did you use to develop the wireless registration scripts? I am planning on following your instructions for RADIUS/ActiveDirectory authentication, and a web front end to tie everything together would be very cool.


  2. rkassissieh says:

    I wrote a simple input form in Perl and then stored the MAC addresses in mySQL in case I lost the AD database.