New Development Projects

Now that the school year is well underway, a number of people have proposed new web application projects for me. Thankfully, these appear pretty small-scale and easy to write, given the foundation that we have established with our existing scripts. Otherwise, I would seriously be wondering when I was going to find the time to get this work done.

Course registration: now that I can pull courses from Blackbaud, it should not be so hard to allow students to select courses. So far, it appears that Blackbaud does a good job of assigning courses to departments and years, which will be essential for course registration. I don’t want to manually store any of this information from year to year. It should all build dynamically from the Registrar’s work.

Diagnosed Learning Disabilities: this would allow teachers to look up the learning disabilities of only the students he/she teaches, in order to disseminate this information only to the people who need to know.

Learning Accommodations Agreement: this new form would allow students and teachers to work together to draft an agreement of the accommodations that a student would be employing in a typical class. Similar to the Independent Study script we employ, it would allow the Learning Specialist and Academic Dean to keep track of the many agreements that would be filed each year (15% of the student body x 5-6 classes per student).

Of course, I’m still tying up current development projects: online admission and attendance both have features that I have yet to write.

These all seem pretty straightforward, since they involve little data manipulation. Mostly, these applications would collect and store form data for later retrieval. Contrast them with an application like online admission, in which the data needs to be heavily evaluated and manipulated before presented for import into Blackbaud. Therefore, these should not take long to write.

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