Break Your Projector More Quickly

I just received this in an email from Toshiba.

Take Your Projector Home for the Weekend

Professionals who use digital projectors in commercial and educational environments are discovering their versatility and entertainment value outside the office or classroom.

Why? Projectors can be used in any situation where a big-screen TV can for less cost and a larger viewing area. And because of their easy portability and set-up, projectors can be used in environments that TVs can’t.

In the home, for instance, teenagers and the young-at-heart can enjoy computer games with devices such as Microsoft’s Xbox or the Sony PlayStation with a projector to give players a “larger-than-life” gaming experience. Families can use a projector to watch a movie display that is larger than any big-screen TV, simulating the movie theater experience (without the pricey popcorn).

That’s a great idea. Encourage school staff to take their $2,000 projectors home so that they can break more quickly and need to be replaced. (sarcasm intended)

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