Googlicious Blog Recovery Miracle

I have recovered nearly my entire blog through Google‘s and MSN‘s search databases! Both services cache entire pages, which allows one to view them even after they have been deleted. While this has raised concerns about control over one’s own web site, it saved my butt this week. It took me only a couple of hours to comb through the cached listings using queries such as “Forums Diary Kassblog” Interestingly, I found that MSN’s cache went further back in time than Google’s, that Yahoo! doesn’t make cached pages available on its search page, and that I had to find these pages quickly before more documents disappeared from the cache!

I recovered all but three articles since I started blogging on July 1. I didn’t try to recover comments.

Nucleus CMS’s “post to the past” feature also helped me reconstruct the blog entries in their original order.

Hooray for Google! No need to hooray for MSN, since they only copied Google ;^)


  1. jeevan says:

    hi richard, my blog on blogger has just mysteriously vanished even though i’m dead certain i published it. i tried searching for it on google like u suggest but perhaps i’m not typing in the right key words. can you help? thanks a lot:)

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Well, the key is to choose the right keywords that will pull up your site first instead of other ones. Good luck!

  3. alec says:

    hey, ummm i wrote a pretty good blog on myspace i pressed post blog then i relized i made an error so i pressed "back" on my browser after i saw that i wasnt suppose to i saw my whole blog entry empty what do i do to get it backk?? help me please