Server Disaster

A hard drive crash has left the most vulnerable of our three servers in tatters. One day later, it is mostly restored, but this blog took one of the hardest hits. Starting over gives me the opportunity to reflect on whether I have made any progress toward my goals for this blog:

1. Post tips that other people might find useful.
A couple of people wrote to say thanks for technical explanations or strategies that I had posted.

2. Post ideas under development in the hope of receiving feedback.
I found that posting new, partially developed ideas to my blog helped me reflect on them, but I didn’t receive much feedback from other people.

3. Maintain a personal knowledgebase
If you are going to create a personal knowledgebase, make sure it is on regular backup! This didn’t have much value over the three months I blogged.

I guess I’ll keep blogging, though it’s mostly a personal, reflective exercise at this point.

One comment

  1. ben casnocha says:

    this sucks you lost your archives. really sucks. Feeback from others will only come if you give feedback to them on their blogs or on their stuff. Give a little, get a lot back.