Blog As Conventional Web Site

(This one’s for you, Ben!)

While blogs are easy to use, the linear format is relatively inflexible. Blogs in their current form cannot 100% substitute for the conventional web site format: a main menu that links to individual pages in a nonlinear fashion. However, blogs are much easier to maintain than other automated, browser-based web site systems. Therefore, when my sister asked me to create a wedding web site for her that would be easy to maintain, I wanted to use a blog system to do it yet find a way out of the conventional blog format. She would want both kinds of links: permanent links to frequently-accessed items such as Hotels and Registries and also chronological links to newsy updates.

I found the answer in skin modification. Some skins permit access to the template design that is pretty easy for a web developer. The OrangeSky Nucleus skin already has a place for links that is actually coded using the li HTML tag. So I plan to connect to static pages using these skin buttons and keep the conventional article list for updates. If that isn’t enough, I will install the StickyItem plug-in to keep a general article on top. The biggest advantage will be web-based administration for my non-techie sister. Here is a screen shot of the site framework so far.

<%image(20051102-nicoleblog.gif|400|346|Wedding blog)%>

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  1. ben casnocha says:

    How sweet, Richard. Way to help the sis.

    TypePad’s paradigm is "lists" – like my blogroll, book list, etc. which are static and accompany my active content.