Clusty, the Clustering Search Engine

I am beginning to see the effects of Internet information overload with some teachers, who are increasingly asking me for advice for finding good research sources amidst all of the masses of information out there. One tack is to use a more discriminating search engine than Google. I have asked some teachers to try out Clusty, based on the following recommendation and a couple of sample searches. I am looking forward to finding out whether that engine is useful.

News from around the Net: ”

clusty – I’m really excited about this one! Clusty is a search engine that organizes search results into hierarchical clusters. I played around with this last night and my first impression is that this may more appropriate for classroom use than other search engines due to the clustering of results. No more endless searching looking for relevant sites! (Found this one on Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech)


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  1. Ben says:

    Awesome site Richard! I just did a few simple searches and I’m already excited to use it with my students. Another search engine tool of interest might by It allows you to search only sources that you have designated, so you might build a search for just your Social Studies teachers using selected sites pertaining to world cultures or government sites.