I want to visit this guy’s district

I would love to see what the teachers and students in this district are up to.

Things Have Changed: “Our 1200 teachers each have their own laptop.They each have a video projector and Dcam in their classroom.Our principals each have a laptop with a replicator.Principals and District Admin each have a Treo 650.We are adding computers for 20,000 students this year and next.Like most places the infrastructure is questionable and tech support needs improvement.Professional development offerings are exceptional.I am my District’s Director of Technology Planning.We are the 9th largest district in Washington.My job is to dream, determine and evangelize the desired future for integrated technologies in our 32 schools.I went to Philadelphia and the NECC conference this summer.I’ve read the World is Flat and watched the MIT online lecture by Thomas Friedman.I switched to Firefox and Thunderbird.I read WWWEDU.I set up my del.icio.us account.I set up my PortaPortal account.I now receive 253 RSS feeds on Bloglines.I tried a couple of other aggregators and didn’t like them.I set up a few blogs on Blogger.I set up a myspace account to watch my own children, shocking.I set up a protopage account.I set up my Technorati account where I found all of my blogs rank 979,918 with 0 links from 0 sites.I set up a Flickr account.I set up a Gmail account.I set up an All Consuming account.I set up maps on Frappr, Wayfaring, & YourGMap.I explored the world with Google, Virtual, & Flash Earth.I further explored the world with Yahoo Local, a9, maplandia, USAphotoMaps, Worldwind and literally dozens of other maps.I set up wikis on PB, Jot, Schtuff, Seed, Mozilla, Media, Spaces & Wikipedia.I bought an ipod and now listen to podcasts in my car and on my bike.I use a Treo 650.I’ve found over 1000 geocaches with my 3 GPS receivers.I read the bible on Bible Gateway.I read the newspaper through RSS.I’ve taken a class on Blackboard.I set up seldom used accounts on Writely, Xanga, LiveJournal, Digg, Furl, SuperGlu, Plazes, Vizu, & Moodle.I set up a Skype account (GEMalone) and talked to one person; although I see him at work every day.I have chat accounts with AIM, GTalk, MSN & Yahoo and have integrated them with Trillian & Meebo.

(Via PEP Tech Talk.)

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  1. Glenn says:

    You’re Welcome to visit anytime!

    Puyallup is a great place to live and work.