Location Matters

I am very lucky that my school just renovated our library and adjacent offices, including mine. Having spent exactly a week in the new office, I am struck by how much my location on campus changes who I see and speak with during the course of a day. The library is a focal point of campus for students, teachers, and administrators. As opposed to the computer labs, which primarily attract “techie” students, the library attracts those who really want to get work done or need some peace and quiet. As a result, more of those students are coming by to ask for help with computer problems as they work in the library.

A much wider range of adults come by as well, since adults rarely get to the basement of the lower campus without specifically coming to see us. Being next to the Library automatically reminds people to meet with me on a host of issues. I’m glad I’m back!

Changing topics slightly, my new office is an architectural wonder. I am truly fortunate to work in a school that can manage an office of this sort for me. It sure beats all of the previous crowded, dark, shared work spaces I have had in my career! In only 100 square feet, we managed to include a wide primary work surface, secondary project work surface, file storage, shelf storage, tack board, a round table for collaborative work, and two guest chairs, without making it feel crowded! I still have to decorate, but here’s how it currently looks.


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