Oh Dock, How You’ve Changed!

Open source and Web 2.0 applications have given my dock a facelift within just the past year. New arrivals include NetNewsWire, Sunbird, Cyberduck, Smultron, Skype, and Dashboard.




After years of perfect happiness using Dreamweaver as my PERL editor and FTP tool, I am trying out Cyberduck and Smultron, both of which are free and open source. They are integrated enough that hitting the Edit button in Cyberduck opens the file in Smultron, and then saving the file in Smultron triggers file upload in Cyberduck. Smultron supports PERL syntax color coding, whereas Dreamweaver does not.

I had become a little tired of Dreamweaver’s FTP operations. Dreamweaver 8’s background FTP feature should have made this better, but for some reason the program now sends more commands than it used to, making file transfer operations take even longer. Yet, Dreamweaver is still better when switching between WYSIWYG web page editing and script coding and runs better on my PC at work. It’s faster under Windows than Mac and file transfer isn’t a problem when your servers are on campus!

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