Recording Streaming Media for Class

Every month or so, a group as small as a single class or as large as the entire school watches a student or teacher attempt to support a presentation with a streaming media clip from the web. Often, the media sputters and stalls in front of everyone, ruining the presentation. I finally poked around the web to find software that would capture a streaming media presentation into a complete file. I found WMRecorder, which has both Windows Media and RealMedia applications for capturing streaming presentations. I gave this to a student, who used it successfully to capture video for an Amnesty International presentation tomorrow. This software looks pretty good, but I would like to know of free alternatives, including one for streaming QuickTime files. Let me know if you have used others before.


  1. Ben says:

    What streaming service do you use Richard? I know that United Streaming Video has the option to download the streaming video so that you don’t have to worry about the pitfalls of buffering. Just thinking about that happening during a presentation makes me shudder.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    We do not currently subscribe to a streaming service, though I have followed the discussion on ISED-L (

    This student was playing a clip from the PBS web site.

  3. Ben says:

    Ah, from the PBS site. Well in that case it would be nice to have a tool to record the streaming media. I’ll have to look at what the ISED-L listserv is all about.