Satellite Campus

We are finalizing architectural plans for our new building on Sacramento St., two blocks away from the three main buildings in our campus. Linking a satellite facility is a new problem for us, so we have to learn quickly. Here are some preliminary thoughts — comments and advice are most welcome.

We seem to have two options to create a data link between the buildings: leased T1 and radio frequency. Luckily, we do have line of sight from the roof of our lower campus building to the Sacramento St. building. A dish would appear to offer faster connection speeds, and a leased T1 better reliability.

We realized today that it would be a good idea to put a domain controller and file server in the new building, so that employees and specific academic programs will have fast access to authentication information and storage space without having to cross the new connection to the servers in the main campus. For example, digital photography students will have to move large PSD files among various computers, so they had better have fast access there.

Our old buildings have one switch and then individual data runs to all floors. We plan to put a switch in at least two of the three floors in the new building, to keep the data runs shorter. This way, if they break, it will be less difficult to replace the wire run.

Finally, we plan to run gigabit fiber to the film/photo suite, so that those users have gigabit access to their storage server.

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