Stanford Gets Hi-Fi

Some months ago, Princeton University unveiled the University Channel Podcast, which provided access to hundreds of lectures and speeches from a number of universities. I thought this was a great idea and promptly transferred the first few files to my iPod. When I connected it on the bus, the quality of the MP3 recording was so poor that I couldn’t understand the words! I quickly gave up on that podcast.

Stanford recently published a hundred lectures and speeches on iTunes. I have to say: they got it right. The quality is perfect, and I listened to an entire two-hour speech by Cornel West between two days’ travel in the car and on the BART.

Hopefully this will encourage more publishers of audio content to up the quality. The better user experience is worth it.

Tomorrow, UHS will record the third of its 30Years school assemblies. If all goes well, we will post it to our web site, hopefully in high resolution audio for perfect listening!


  1. UChannel says:

    Chalk it up to our learning curve. The University Channel is improving the quality of its audio podcasts. Give us another try.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    I will! Thanks for the comment.