Volunteer Sign-up Script

I am starting a new project this week, which I plan to use in at least a couple of schools. This script will facilitate event volunteer sign-up. Each year, schools ask parents to help out at fundraising events, and filling all of the available tasks and time slots takes a bit of coordination. Asynchronous media such as phone and email are not well-suited to this task, because the volunteer does not know what time slots and jobs are available when he/she signs up, requiring a lot of back and forth to distribute people evenly.

My script will replicate these functions in a web interface. It will store events, jobs, time slots, and volunteer information in an online database and show users which slots and available and which are taken. This will permit the sign-up process to run itself, as users will only be able to sign up for slots that are not already taken. Site administrators will be able to assign other people to time slots and move volunteers among slots. Tracking all of this information online will also make email reminders easy.

If behind an authentication interface, then users will be able to see all public contact information for other volunteers. If this is a public web site, then only administrators will see contact information. Users will only see names (or if desired, no personal information at all).

The first test run of this system will be a small school event in January.

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