Better Batch Image Processing

Photoshop has offered a good batch processing tool for a while. Record an Action, then apply it to files in a folder. However, Photoshop frequently requires user input during a batch process, for example to set the quality of a JPG save or to overwrite an existing image. This makes Photoshop inefficient when processing large numbers of images. Photoshop is also incable of executing logic when processing images. For example, I have 300 photos that all need to be sized 180×144 for my cousin’s hat company. The problem is that some of the images are tall and others are wide. Photoshop cannot keep image proportions but change canvas proportions when resizing an image.

Enter GraphicConverter. This program has been batch processing images longer than Photoshop and does it better. The interface is more manual than Photoshop, but the program runs much faster and the options are exhaustive. To solve the above problem, I use if…then statements and the Bring to Size command. My batch workflow looks like this:

Change Color Mode to RGB
Scale to 180 pixels wide
If height > 144 then 
  Scale to 144 pixels tall
  Bring to Size 180x144
  Bring to Size 180x144

300 images are resized in about three minutes.


  1. ben says:

    Now Richard…doing work for your cousin – doesn’t that also pervert the client/boss relationship as much as the Comcate example we talked about?!

  2. Dan Berlyoung says:

    Slightly simpler version is to use the "Max Size" command instead of the scale/if/then clause.

    Max Size
    Bring To Size

  3. rkassissieh says:

    Wonderful. I am not surprised that someone had a better way to do this!