Safari Won’t Play With Moodle

Safari, Apple’s web browser, is not fully compatible with Moodle. Specifically, Moodle users lose the WYSIWYG toolbar and get a less functional file upload field when running Safari. The workaround is to use another browser such as Firefox. Why does this problem exist? A little searching on the Internet reveals that Moodle uses a tool called HTMLarea to create the text formatting area, and Safari does not support this. There are other WYSIWYG toolbars out there, so either Safari will provide support for a different one in a future release or Moodle will change its tune and provide support for Safari. Most Mac users at our school are not wedded to Safari, since it only just surpassed Internet Explorer in reliability a couple of years ago. They are quite happy to switch to Firefox when recommended.

More information from Dave Hyatt


Looks like some nice improvements. One of the issues that I hoped was to be fixed in 2.0 (and seemingly 1.3) was the use of WYSIWYG editors like HTMLarea. I thought I read that this was a feature that was to be added. We use Moodle, and OSS Course Management System on 10.3 Server and it uses HTMLarea for WYSIWYG editing. Seems there was some discusion on the webcore-dev list about it back last fall.

What is the status on adding support for it?

Thanks! Tim

Tim –

Re: HTMLarea … as far as I can tell, the project doesn’t show a lot of get-up-and-go as a project (can’t speak to Moodle), so even if Safari would be good to go for WYSIWYG editing now or in the near future, odds are that HTMLarea would likely not be updated to reflect that.

I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen many signs of life for many months with regard to HTMLarea development. There’s greater likelihood of other WYSIWYGs adding Safari support … though that may not be of much help if Moodle is tied to HTMLarea and there’s no way to wedge another editing interface in its place.
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