See You at NECC!

I heard today that my NECC proposal was accepted. The session, titled 0 to 60 in Three Years: A New Online Community, will focus on the development of the insideUHS web site, taking advantage of existing cultural norms within the school, resources that were already in place, and free, open-source software.

Presenting at conferences is a great form of professional development. Just as you learn the material best when you teach it, I love being compelled to perform additional research in order to understand an idea well enough to present it to a diverse audience.

For this presentation, I would like to further explore theories around online community development. How consistent is our experience at UHS with prevalent theories on how people choose to participate in online communities? How do other schools foster participation in online communities? I would love to hear from those who are doing it or are familiar with the research.


  1. Stephen Rahn says:

    Congratulations! I got my acceptance notice as well.

  2. rkassissieh says:


    Congrats to you, too. Perhaps RSS will be the hot thing at NECC this year.

  3. Ben says:

    Sorry I don’t have many resources (although you could try or at the moment to help you out Richard, but you’ve given me a great idea to focus my presentation on in March. I’m presenting my fledgling community of educators to our state Educational Technology conference and hadn’t yet decided what to anchor the presentation on, but the research you suggested sounds interesting.

  4. rkassissieh says:

    I will look forward to read what you find out.

  5. Joe says:


    There will be a group of us there from Pennsylvania; I’ve marked my calendar to attend your presentation.