This Blog Has Moved

You have reached Kassblog at its new host: Please update your bookmarks. I have moved the site in order to avoid a week’s downtime during our server transition at school. Plus since it appears that I may be blogging for a while, I should get a real URL.

I tweaked the old installation at insideUHS to make the move as smooth as possible. I replaced the main PHP script for the blog (kassblog.php) with the following redirection, so that any old link to the blog will continue to work as long as the old server is up!

(I know you PHP gurus out there know a much more elegant way to find out whether an array item exists!)

In order to get the latest Nucleus CMS software, I created a brand new installation on this server and then migrating all of the mySQL data from the old to the new. The only problem was in restoring the skin files. The new installation didn’t want to import my customized skin files, because it thought the skin was already imported (due to the mySQL data). I got around that by deleting the skin before uploading and importing it.

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