We’ll Need Really Good Software

If the $100 laptop becomes a reality, it will raise the bar for software performance. This article on preliminary specifications contains some refreshing, non-hysterical commentary on the issues. Two take-away messages include: 1) the $100 laptop will require a new display technology that will likely take longer than people think to invent and test; 2) software developers will have to write more disciplined, innovative software than is currently the standard. The minimal hardware specs will not allow for memory leaks, wasted display real estate, or processor hogs. It’s a noble ambition that I truly hope will meet with success.

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  1. Ben says:

    Agreed on more innovative software becoming standard. For years I’ve envied schools that could afford site liscences for Kidspiration and Inspiration. While there are tools such as Word and Publisher that mimic the way Inspiration allows for the creation of graphic organziers, niether Microsoft product is as intuitive, nor designed for such a purpose in mind. I think that a standard graphic organizing software would be a step in the right direction, and double as a digital "whiteboard" for math, pre-writing, and other applications.