Ndiyo Thin Client Lab

The Ndiyo thin-client Linux solution appears a bit like the K12LTSP project but with hardware, too. I’m going to include it in my consideration of options for Maru a Pula School. The project is based in England. As an aside, they have managed to make their Plone web site look good — not an easy task!

The following quote makes something of the comparison to the $100 Laptop project, but the technology of Ndiyo seems more within reach and therefore likely to take off in the short term.

The other divide-busting hardware

While the $100 laptop certainly has captured my imagination, it isn’t intended for the entire world, just the children (that’s what the "C" in "OLPC" stands for). About a week before OLPC’s debut in Tunis, Nicholas Carr blogged about Ndiyo which innovates from an entirely different perspective:

"Instead of starting with a PC and seeing what we could take out, we began with a monitor and asked what was the minimum we had to add to give a workstation fully capable of typical ‘office’ use."

A visit to Ndiyo’s website makes it plain they are on to something and they recently posted how their approach is distinct from OLPC’s.

[School Technology Leadership Blog]


  1. Dario Abramskiehn says:

    This project sounds really interesting. I heard of something similar a while back. I don’t recall exactly, but I think it was some project involving MIT students and was an endeavor to create a cheap, extremely durable laptop for children in 3rd world countries.

    Do you know if these things are related?

  2. rkassissieh says:


    You are thinking of the $100 laptop project. The two projects are mentioned in the same breath, but they take very different approaches. The Ndiyo lab shares some elements in common with the K12LTSP project.