Our iPod Solution (for now)

We are going to begin to distribute iPods with microphones to some students with learning disabilities. Students who have difficulty taking notes quickly enough to keep up with the teacher or who have auditory processing challenges may benefit from being able to replay the day’s lesson, if it involved a fair amount of teacher presentation. I had assumed (erroneously, it turned out) that the new iPods were compatible with the handful of iPod microphones that I had seen out there. Boy, was I wrong. Apple has phased out the control port, rendering unusable existing microphone adapters.

Luckily, there are a sea of castaway iPods from the failed iPod-HP joint venture of 2004. I have purchased three 20GB, fourth generation iPods for about $200 each plus three iTalk microphones to match. This should give us a convenient solution while avoiding technology overkill. Heck, it might even be less tempting to steal!

Unfortunately, this is the cheapest way to get an Apple solution for this use. Xtrememac just introduced what I believe is currently the only microphone adapter that will fit a new iPod: the micromemo. Of course, it only works with the video iPod, the most expensive and largest model Apple makes. At least it attaches via the dock connector, raising the possibility that, one day, someone will make a microphone adapter for the nano, or better yet, how about a USB version for the Shuffle?

This just in: the iTalk has just disappeared from the Griffin web site, suggesting that they are discontinuing the product, perhaps due to lack of stock but also maybe suggesting that they plan to replace it with a new product.

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