Windows Apps, Not Windows OS

While many don’t care what kind of chip is inside a Mac, others wonder what it will take to boot Windows on an Intel Mac. TechWorld has found an interesting intermediate argument, predicting that the big winner will be Windows-emulation products such as VirtualPC. They should allow Windows apps to run at native PC speeds on the new Macs since code translation will no longer be necessary. While only a few geeks like me want both a Mac and a PC on their desks, more may benefit from the ability to run Windows apps on their Macs. I figure that this will be a great opportunity to run Windows apps while eschewing the Windows OS! We will have to see how well the next generation of Windows emulators integrates with the Mac OS.


  1. Jason says:

    Personally, I am wondering if and when we will be able to use OSX on non-Apple hardware, legally and reliably. I am not holding my breath, but it would be great if Apple gave in and started licensing the OS to other vendors.

    I love OSX, but I don’t like Apple hardware. I find it too expensive, especially when compared to other PC vendors. While I agree Apple hardware looks a lot nicer, I am not willing to pay the hundreds of extra dollars for a nicer look 🙂

  2. rkassissieh says:

    I read a report today that Jobs won’t consider licensing its OS to other manufacturers anytime soon, though Dell indicated it could be willing. Microsoft also states (tongue-in-cheek, perhaps) that Apple could certify its hardware for Microsoft compatibility.

    In contrast to the report I quoted above about VirtualPC running faster on Intel, a blogger I read recently reported that a Microsoft rep at MacWorld thought it would be difficult to reengineer VirtualPC for the new chip set.

    The only thing for certain is that Intel inside is going to spawn a lot of speculation and perhaps shift the landscape a little.

  3. Mike says:

    Seeing as how Stevie Jobs just smacked down Michael Dell with his company-wide email stating AAPL’s lead over Dell, I just can’t help feeling that Steve is making a lot of enemies, rather than friends (which he needs a lot of atm). If Jobs would license its OS out to PC manufacturers, I believe that would give them a greater foothold in the industry, thus entrenching themselves even more in the Windows vs. OS X battle with more users.

    Also, I’ve read in several places that the overpriced Apple hardware markup gap is narrowing. This is sort-of good news for people that want to use both mac and windows machines. I just really really really want to dual-boot OSX and Windows on my laptop already!

    And btw,… the program this link goes to claims to run Windows at "nearly native" speeds…I won’t believe it ’till i see it!

  4. rkassissieh says:

    Hi, Mike. Well, there’s no better way to start a rant-fest than to resurrect the platform wars.