Berkeley podcasts and iTunesU

Berkeley webcast

Thanks to Jon Udell for directing me to UC Berkeley’s growing collection of lectures in podcast format. I checked out the Chemistry 1A course — a dozen lectures on introductory chemistry. All that’s missing are the slides! I’d love to hear whether teachers and students find it useful to gain a different perspective on courses they are presently teaching or taking.

I’m sorry to hear that Jon has received “flak” for his criticism of iTunes’ proprietary control over iTunesU content. I completely agree that Apple shouldd not be congratulated for taking an open standard (RSS) and tweaking the delivery method in order to keep users strictly within iTunes. This reminds me of their approach to the iCalendar standard. In a previous post, I discussed how Apple’s iCal application does not download the latest copy of a non-.Mac remote calendar before publishing changes. This makes it impossible to use iCal to maintain a shared calendar with multiple people, including non-iCal users. This squelches integration of web-based tools across platforms, time and space.

It’s too bad that Apple adopts open standards but eschews open participation.

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