Camino Turns 1.0

Even though I missed the release a couple of weeks ago, let me now acknowledge the release of Camino 1.0! It is very cool to find that the reasons why people love Camino — speed, appearance, and simplicity — were the main intents of the project’s founders. Also note that the Camino project has already released a universal binary, so that early adopters of the Intel Macs can fly at top speed.

OM: What are the main differences between Mozilla Firefox and Camino?
MP: The core difference is in philosophy. We want to make the best Mac-native browser, not just one that happens to run on Mac as a port. The browser internals are very similar to those of Firefox (the Gecko rendering engine) but the front-end is pure Mac OS X native. We also support many Apple technologies that Firefox does not, including Address Book, Bonjour, Keychain, Spotlight, etc.

OM: I miss all those Firefox extensions. Any plans to add extension support?
MP: We recognize this is a problem for our users, but extensions only exist because of the cross-platform UI layer upon which Firefox is built. It’s that same cross-platform UI layer that makes Firefox feel “wrong” on Mac OS X. Camino’s use of Cocoa for the user interface makes it fit in with the rest of the platform, but prohibits us from using extensions. We feel this is a trade-off worth making. That said, we are investigating ways to allow non-user-interface extensions to register and work correctly.

Source: Om Malik

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