Congrats to Alex, our Health Educator for launching TeachHealth.org, the web site for a new network of independent school health educators in California. Alex is co-hosting a conference for health educators with a colleague from The Cate School. She has posted a number of educational resources collected from conference participants and plans to use the site for ongoing resource submission and discussion afterward.

Alex approached me about the web site possibility just a couple of days ago, so I am pleased that we were able to quickly put up a blog-based site the same day. I added a new site to our web server using IIS’s host header feature, which loads the appropriate web site based on the first part of the URL. This is a tidy way to host multiple web sites on one server and one IP address. This also allows one to easily choose whether a site is public or requires authentication. The only downside is that FTP sites are not as easily redirected as HTTP sites. However, blog software is rendering FTP unnecessary even for blog contributors. Alex is able to edit articles and even post Word attachments all through the blog interface. Brilliant.

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