Time Spent on Campus Improvements

This past week, we disassembled and reassembled our PC Lab in order to make room for the excavation and reinforcement of an elevator shaft. It took about two hours to take everything apart and move it to an adjacent room and four hours to put it all back together. In the long run, we will enjoy a new computing facility next year, so the time spent is worth it.

This experience alerts me to the cumulative impact of the expansion and renovation of our entire campus over a three year span. At times, the planning, monitoring, and installation work has consumed all of our attention, leaving less time for working with teachers, staff, and students. As a result, we have had to adjust our expectations for future improvements to our infrastructure. We have delayed the upgrade of our servers to June and plan to do little else than move and support migration this summer. What time will be left as we work on the following?

  • Move the Summerbridge program to its temporary location at the Bay School in June and then back again in August
  • Migrate all of our users to the new servers
  • Open a new building on Sacramento St.
  • Move lab computers to temporary locations in the upper campus and library
  • Open a partially renovated lower campus building, including computer lab and computer-equipped science labs

What about programming projects, training sessions, and the development of new tech curricula?

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