Watch That Page

How do you monitor a site that does not support RSS feeds or provide its own email newsletter? Some sites with important content have not adopted the new standards for communication in an increasingly dense world wide web. For a time, Internet Explorer for Mac offered a Subscribe feature that would keep track of changes to specified web pages. I went looking on Google for a web-based version of the same tool. Of course, it had to be free.

watch that page

I found Watch That Page, which does exactly what I had hoped. It checks the pages you specify daily and emails the changes. I was concerned that the formatting would not look good, but it appears to strip out enough HTML to avoid incomplete tag problems. I receive in the email just the text that has changed. Beautiful.


  1. Ben Casnocha says:

    Nice, but then it comes in an email, not RSS. Defeats the purpose. My goal is to have ALL web content that gets updated come via RSS, so email is ONLY for personal communications, ie things I need to interact with, instead of just read.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    I agree in principle, but for this purpose, it’s better to have email notification than no notification at all. Let me know when you find a tool that supports RSS.