Where Do Our Students Live?

A funny thing happened at school last week. Two student groups worked on maps of UHS student distributions in the Bay Area independently and without knowledge of each other. The analog group got there first. They mounted a series of maps and placed a push pin for each student. The result looks very cool — clusters around the school, a scattering of pins throughout San Francisco, and lone pins all over the Bay.

The digital group was working on a Google Earth version at last report. They will have to add value now the analog group has upstaged them! I would like to see a navigable online version. This reminds me of a new tool that I read about today:

BatchGeoCode.com is an easy-to-use free web-based application for converting a file of addresses (and other information) into either a Yahoo Map, and now also into a Google Earth KML file. The program does a lookup for the addresses you provide and converts them into latitude/longitudes

Source: Google Earth Blog

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