Etomite, Website Baker

Thanks to Bill Fitzgerald, I have added two new promising CMS’s to the Maru a Pula test installation list: Etomite and Website Baker. Both installed with incredible ease tonight. I will add content to all three installations and report back on which I ultimately decide to use for the site. Click on the links below to view the test sites in their current states.


So far, Etomite impresses primarily with its AJAX admin interface. The “manager” loads many of its parts without redrawing the screen, which has its advantages. However, the manager also frequently displays a “wait while Etomite cleans up” message, and the action buttons (save, edit) are not always where you expect them to be.

Website baker

So far, Website Baker looks like a real winner. It’s fast, lightweight, and intuitive. There are just the right number of screens for what you want to accomplish, and there are even a small number of optional plugins. This could be the one, but of course applying a new template to all three sites may be the strongest test of all.

One comment

  1. Paul says:

    I am using WB for a couple of different sites. I like it a lot and have only two criticisms – it needs:

    1) A blogging module with trackbacks & permalinks

    2) A shopping cart module that can plug into various payment gateways. Paypal cart is a great start.

    Just my two cents.