Quickly Moving Past Technology

I have been fully occupied in the last few days by a disciplinary case on campus involving technology. This has required me to wear both of my official “hats,” tech director and senior class dean. The latter hat has gotten much more use lately, as the campus-wide discussion has very much focused on social and cultural aspects of the case, most importantly the implications of the students’ actions on the school community. Technology has only been discussed insofar as necessary to clear up factual details of the case. Ultimately, this is good, as it puts the attention where it is most needed. However, the thought remains in the back of my mind that people may be quickly moving past the technological aspects of the case because they don’t understand them. These misunderstandings sometimes perpetuate the misuse of information technologies. When the dust has settled on the case, we will have to provide more direct instruction about the changing nature of interactive web technologies.

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