Sanako Lab 100 a year and a half later

A colleague asked how our language lab was performing a year and a half after installation.

Good to see you at MCDS… although we didn’t get to talk. Question about your fl lab. What did you end up buying? Is it portable? How is it working?

Here is my reply.

Sanako Lab 100 Teacher Screen

Our lab was named the Tandberg Elice at the time. I think they have renamed it Sanako Lab 100. It is not portable, as the components and cabling are embedded in special student workstations and a teacher desk. However, we are going to disassemble and reassemble the lab this summer to move it to a new building. However, I just found anarticle on a new product that makes the Lab 100 portable.

We are very happy with the lab. At the time, it was half the cost of a fully computer-based lab, yet this does everything that our teachers want. They didn’t want all of the capabilities of computers at the student stations, because they wanted to focus on speaking and listening while in the lab. They could always do writing and reading elsewhere. This is great for the tech department, because the lab has only one PC to get old and need replacement one day. From my perspective, the main drawback is that a student can’t come into the lab during a free period and continue doing lab work. To mitigate this, I copied the files to our web server, so at least students can listen. Soon, I imagine that our language teachers will want students to submit audio files online, too. Hoover pointed me to a thread that indicates that podcasting support for Moodle is almost ready for prime time.

I can provide you with some implementation and training tips if you get to that point.



  1. Meire Tate says:

    I work in a language school and we use Sanako lab to teach English .We´re having problems because we can´t talk to students while they ´re listening to the activities.We demage the recording if we do so .Although,this is an important procedure of our methodology.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    I don’t know whether our teachers are doing that too, or not. I am surprised that this would be a problem.