Wikimedia Contribution Passed By


As a new Wikipedia user, I find it inconvenient to repeatedly visit my watchlist page to view changes on pages I am watching. I would much rather have notifications of changes delivered to me, either by email (e.g., or by subscription (e.g., Craigslist – What is RSS?).

Zach kindly agreed to write the feature and submitted it to the Wikimedia project for consideration. The powers that be appear to have ignored it, without any indication of why. We guess that perhaps Wikipedia fanatics are on the site so frequently that they have no need for this plug-in. And they have recently experienced so much growth that perhaps they do not particularly see the need to make life easier for new Wikipedia users. Regardless, Zach’s contribution sits, languishing, at least for now. Let me know if you have had experience with submitting contributions to the Wikimedia project before.

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