Adventures In Airline Travel

It never seems easy to return from Botswana. First, the hour flight from Gabs to Jo’burg was 40 minutes late due to bad weather. I ran through the terminal to catch the London flight and managed to frighten the gate staff because I somehow managed to get there without a boarding pass. They assigned me to a seat occupied by a lady who would not move, so I stood in the airplane galley for a half hour while they sorted it out. Finally, I received good news: an upgrade to “upper class” (as they call it)! After the obligatory features tutorial, I enjoyed lightly fried Kingclip with champagne for dinner and slept in a fully reclined bed! Did you know that Virgin stocks laptop power adapters? Too bad their Mac adapters were 10 years out of date!

The adventures continued. The plane had to make an unexpected landing in Tunis because one of the passengers had a heart attack. She was okay but had to deplane and get to a hospital. When we arrived in London, the police met our plane on the runway to collect a passenger who had experienced some kind of psychotic break during the flight. I missed my connection in London and was sent home via DC instead — six hours later than expected.

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