CompuMentor On the Move

CompuMentor, the San Francisco organization that supports the technology needs of non-profits, has come across my radar today with two innovative programs. It’s only too bad that they scaled back their school support services a few years ago.

April 19-20: Using online social networks for non-profits and community-based organizations. This is an online, asychronous event. Web site.

We all love social networking applications like Friendster, Tribe, Linked in, My Space and Frappr; however, many of us have little time to use these in our personal lives, let alone to create an organizational profile for our nonprofit. Is there a use for social networking applications in the nonprofit workplace?

CompuMentor is also seeking applicants for a study of the effectiveness of refurbished computer labs. It’s high time we had some data to either support or refute the widespread practice of computer donations to nonprofits and schools. I wonder whether they are going to go with Linux in order to maximize the power of the equipment? Application.

During the spring and summer of 2006 CompuMentor will choose two San Francisco based nonprofit programs that either want a lab of up to 20 computers – or who want to add computers to an existing lab. This San Francisco Department of Environment ( sponsored program will test how well refurbished computer equipment works in a high use lab setting. Most computer equipment, software, and installation labor will be provided at no cost.

This isn’t a CompuMentor event, but the Eastmont Computing Center is having an eighth anniversary celebration. I had a good experience teaching a service learning class to sophomores two years in a row, in which we studied and visited community technology centers. It was an eye-opener for most of the students to a public resource they did not know existed.

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