Day 8 — Game Park to Web Site

Last night’s concert was fantastic. I had no idea that David Slater could collect a dozen opera singers mostly from Botswana. Angela Kerrison and Sibongile Khumalo were particularly excellent. The Sedireng and Gaborone choruses showed greater exuberance for this special event. Having just come from the U.S., I was struck by the high degree of racial harmony in Botswana. Black Batswana and white South Africans get along especially well here. Mutual appreciation and cooperation rule.

I took in my only game park visit of the trip. If I were here longer, I would absolutely make a trip to the Okavango, Chobe, or central Kalahari. Since I am only here for ten days, the local Mokolodi Nature Reserve just had to do. Our guide, Tshepo, took us to all the right places, and we had close encounters with giraffe, elephant, and even an orphaned cheetah in an enclosure.


This afternoon, Andy and I made progress on the web site project. It is a great pleasure to work with a school principal who has a clear story about the school that he wants to tell. We completely reworked the information architecture of the site to capture this vision. We replaced the section “About Maru a Pula” with “At A Glance,” and “Programs” became “What Makes Us Different.” We are adding an entire section for parent information. This is how information architecture design should work. I just hope we like it as much tomorrow and that it passes muster with the marketing professionals out there!

The end of this trip is quickly approaching. Tomorrow, we will meet with Fatema Khan, the local Apple expert, and Joe Thomas of Avantec, who developed the new alumni web site. Tuesday is my last day in Botswana.

It has come to my attention that some friends of Phil are reading this web site. In lieu of Phil’s own report, let me show you him enjoying a light finger supper with the U.S. Ambassador to Botswana, MaP alumni, and current staff.

Phil at dinner

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