Day 9 — Pula!

After toying around with us the last couple of days, the rain is finally falling in earnest. Pula! The country has received a lot of rain lately, but everyone is grateful. A few months ago, Botswana went through a severe water restrictions that caused most people’s garden’s to die out. On the technology front, we saw a few fireworks today! We found that the old AppleCentre of a decade ago has split into two parts, one for sales and the other for support/service. We met with both, in order to acquire a few Mac Mini computers and to get a quote to wire the department offices and many classrooms that are currently unwired. Here, we learned the dark history of networking at Maru a Pula, which due to tight budget restrictions, has completed several small, disjointed wire projects over the last few years. The result is a jumble of equipment and connections that don’t play very well with each other. Needless to say, we are going to try to finish the rest in one coordinated effort.

Our second stop was at the photographer’s, Illustrative Options. There, we picked up digital copies of school photos shot last year, which we plan to use on the web site. See below for a sample shot from SOS Children’s Village. I was pleased to discover that the company does not nickel and dime the school to reproduce the photos on our web site. The fees that the school originally paid did not explicitly cover web publication, yet the proprietors were happy to have their work reproduced on the web if cited.

SOS Children's Village
Photo by Illustrative Options

Our third meeting was with Joe Thomas of Avantec, which designed and built our alumni web site. There, I learned that one in-person meeting is more valuable than six months of email exchanges and phone calls. We got a lot accomplished in about an hour that will help iron out the last few remaining bugs and allow our alumni director to complete all her necessary work.

Believe it or not, I actually feel on schedule with the plan for this week. In 10 short days, we will have participated in enough meetings and crafted many plans that will allow the school to move forward in a definite direction in the near future. Naturally, I have a lot to do over the next couple of weeks. I will complete my written report before the opening staff meeting of the second term on May 10. Andy, Tracy, and I will bang out the rest of the new MaP web site and give it a big launch at the school. I will follow up on the many requests I received to research software applications in different disciplines. Finally, I will happily Skype my way back to my colleagues here at MaP on a regular basis to follow their progress and provide support where I can.

Tomorrow, I shop for friends and family, pack, and leave!

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    we can’t wait to see you, Dad!

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