Organizing My Thoughts in Cmap

I have been planning for some time to start organizing my thoughts for July’s NECC presentation on our intranet development process. This also seemed like a good opportunity to try Cmap Tools for the first time (thanks, Miguel). What a success this was! Cmap is like Inspiration for grownups. It is exceptionally intuitive to use and runs smoothly on multiple platforms. Oh, yes, and it’s a free download. The tool is fantastic for visual processors like me who like to lay out ideas and then disconnect, rearrange, and reconnect them in better ways. I am going to make it part of our standard software install for students and teachers next year.

I put together the rough form of my presentation in about an hour. Though you can’t read the text from this far out, check out the structure that is so apparent.

Cmap wide view

Here’s a closeup of one section. Structure is apparent at this level, as well.

Cmap part

I need to check out the Internet-based sharing features of the tool. Cmap appears to share files in a similar manner to ChemSense. A file tree shows a hierarchy of public files on the Internet, and you are prompted to register a username and password during installation. This could be a great way to share concept maps among multiple users for a whole variety of purposes.

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