Other People’s Children

I finished Other People’s Children (Lisa Delpit) on the flight to London. The book presents a series of accounts of cultural misunderstanding in the elementary classroom and in teacher training programs. It mainly proposes getting to know students better and redesigning curricula in order to allow equal access to learning to all students. The book does not address technology instruction, but to me the main challenge at our school is the selection of technology electives. Building relationships with kids of color outside of the classroom helps encourage them to elect technology courses. Once there, our students participate in a mixture of modeled practice and project work, both providing skills instruction and avenues for authentic self-expression. Our programming class is restricted by the AP curriculum, but it has been successful at attracting and teaching beginning programmers the skills they need to be successful.

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  1. Ben says:

    Sounds like an intriguing book Richard. I’ve been a proponet for increased teacher-student connections since leaving college, but still struggle to find ways to reach all of my kids by tailoring the curriculum to their needs. Most of the time when we really connect it’s during a half-planned conversation about current events and how the world is affecting their families’ lives. Nothing too personal, but enough to help create a bond between us that helps encourage trust.