Classes are over. Let’s get to work!

Classes at UHS ended yesterday. Now the work of our department really heats up. In a similar manner to the construction crews on campus, we have just under three months to take everything apart, order and configure the new bits, and put it all back together again in time for the start of school. Of course, I will also hand the reins off to a new director partway through this race!

For some reason, it is a well-kept secret how much work we do during the summer. While most of the school takes its vacation, we take advantage of the departure of most of the users to upgrade facilities and perform routine maintenance on systems and servers. That way, we start the year with a configuration built to last and the ability to give our users the attention they need during the year. Schools that employ their tech staff on a school year schedule should consider extending them to year-round. The additional cost is most worth it!

Today, we removed just about every bit of computer equipment from the lower campus in anticipation of the start of construction next week. PC Lab, Mac Lab, physics classroom computers, arts classroom computers, office printers are all now upstairs in our staging area near our offices. Our students were helpful in transporting pieces up to the Library. Next year, the lower campus will have an elevator and ADA ramps, which will be so helpful!


  1. Jim Heynderickx says:

    In the summer, our labs are used by three summer programs, and are rented out one or two weekends a month to an outside organization. At least for them, we have only two to three weeks in August to rebuild.

    Main positive thing: rental feels definately off-set the cost of the labs…

  2. rkassissieh says:

    That’s rough. Our summer program only uses one of our three facilities. As a result, we are able to work on the other facilities and save only one for a late August refresh. I think Catlin Gabel has a more expansive summer program than UHS as well.