Home Computer Penetration in Botswana

I have just compiled the Maru-a-Pula survey statistics and wrote the final report. The main findings were similar to what I published a few weeks ago. The numbers help paint a picture of home computer use in a private school student population in Botswana.

81% of Form 1 students have a computer at home. 15% have broadband Internet access, 55% dial-up, and 30% no Internet access. These figures are in sharp contrast to American private schools, in which all students have a home computer connected to the Internet, and the majority have high-speed access. 75% of Form 1 students share their home computer with three or more users. Yet 49% still complete most of their computer-based schoolwork at home.

The platform wars have played out in an interesting fashion. 98% of Form 1 home computers run Windows, only 2% are Macs! Yet, amongst the teaching staff, 23% have Macs at home! One possible explanation is that most teachers are expatriates, where Macintosh computers are more popular. Apple pulled out of South Africa during apartheid, effectively disappearing from Botswana as well. Twelve years ago, they returned with a splash, but the local AppleCentre failed to thrive and split into two parts, one that handles sales and the other service and support.

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  1. Brian Schartz says:

    Richard, I did a post on computer access at the University of Botswana. http://blogswana.wordpress….
    Do you have any thoughts on computer use and connectivity outside of Gabarone?