Moving Up … North

In July, I will relocate to Portland, the home of Bill Fitzgerald, Jim Heynderickx, and K12LTSP! I have accepted the position of Director of Information Services at Catlin Gabel School, a progressive, “relentlessly democractic,” K-12 independent school of 700 students. They have a lot to get excited about: an established tech department of four, substantial technology expertise in the teaching staff, students interested in very technical work, and a pervasive culture of communication and enthusiasm. I will inherit a 1:1 student laptop program for grades 9-12, ironic since UHS just spent the past year considering implementing such a program. The proposal is still currently stuck at the Board level. Catlin Gabel runs Blackbaud, Exchange, and Moodle, just like UHS, and have successfully pulled Blackbaud data into custom web sites. Perhaps coolest of all, Catlin Gabel has a .edu domain! They must have jumped on board very early, before .edu was restricted to higher education.

I will work at UHS through June 30, bringing closure to works in progress and developing a transition plan for my remaining members of department and the future tech director. There will be lots of write about in this space and many thanks to give the good people of University High School and BAISnet before I go. As always, you may reach me through the contact link on this blog.


  1. Sonja says:

    hey! I’m from Catlin. I know a certain kid named James Ouyang… linked me to your blog here. Anyway, you seem cool, so I look forward to seeing you at Catlin =P.

    p.s. school laptops rule

  2. Ryan Kellett says:

    Hey Richard,
    Congrats on the move. Thanks for your talents and time at UHS which have proved quite valuable, certainly in my few years at the school. You’ve managed to bring a school stuck in the dark ages in terms of technology (no email for students, remember? I had a K-8 school email address in 3rd grade) into the 21st century. I hope UHS will find a tech director to fill your shoes.

    Ryan Kellett
    Middlebury College

  3. rkassissieh says:

    Thanks, Sonja. I will look forward to meeting you.

    Thanks, Ryan. Hope all is well at Middlebury. I will be coming in August for a wedding, but I predict you will be off for the summer somewhere else.

  4. Bill says:


    We’re glad to have you up in our neck of the woods!

  5. Barbara says:


    Congratulations! Portland’s gain is the Bay Area’s loss. Your presence will definitely be missed in the BAISNet community, but it sounds like an exciting move for you.

    Best of luck and hugs,
    Barbara, MCDS