New Web Server

I am starting to build our our new web server today. It is exciting to start from a completely blank slate!

web server

Over the winter break, I built out this web server once, when we thought we were going to launch the new servers then. Since we postponed to summer, I have the opportunity to learn from that experience and create a cleaner install this time around. Last time, I thought I would install PERL, PHP, and mySQL on the C: (system) drive in order to keep all applications there. This time, I am going to reserve C: for the operating system and default Windows applications and put everything web-related on D:. This way, we can image D: once before launch and keep that image as a snapshot of the web server configuration in case of disaster recovery. Also, if the system ever has problems, we can wipe and re-image the C: drive without affecting the web server contents.

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