Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

Days after recovering from our failed network migration, we have had another server blowup. The air conditioning system in our server room failed this weekend, the room heated to 150 degrees F, and our Exchange server drives failed. We did get a good backup of the data store last night before the failure, but now we are left without both an Exchange server and the internal expertise to reinstall Exchange in a multi-domain environment.

At the same time, I have gathered a lot of feedback from other BAISNet tech directors and discovered that we are the only school among the respondents that is running multiple Active Directory domains. So, in this state of emergency, we have decided to immediately rebuild our new servers in a single domain environment, test it this afternoon, and migrate users to it tomorrow.

The simplified approach has reaped dividends within the first hour of adoption. Our systems administrator already worked up the primary domain controller the other day, so all he has to do now is to prep the domain for Exchange and install that. Without the multiple domain issues, we should be able to test the new server environment with user accounts by this afternoon. Our tech department users will spend the night logged into the new servers, and we will migrate others users if all is still well tomorrow morning. We may even recover all mail if we can mount the backed-up data store in an offline Exchange server and spin off the PSTs one final time.

Wish us good luck.

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