One Month To Go!

I officially have one more month to work at University High School. I will spend the first week of July at NECC in San Diego, and then drive from Oakland to Portland to start my new job at Catlin Gabel on July 10. Ironically, the students participated in Closing Exercises today, during which they said goodbye to departing faculty members. Tomorrow, our faculty will do the same. Aren’t I supposed to be finished before people say goodbye? Good thing I have more time, I guess, because there is a lot to do. The work always goes faster when school is closed.

I celebrated the end of the year by installing mySQL on the new web server. However, PHP couldn’t load the mySQL extension correctly for some reason. I have a week to resolve problems like that and then get all of the services running. Then we will take down the old servers and launch the new ones. The new web server will be probably be live by June 12, but since school will be out of session, I will have the luxury of freezing the old web site and migrating all of the scripts and data over a couple of weeks’ time. I hope to reserve the final week to unbind my user account from all of the mail notification and permissions settings it holds, then [set up a mail autoresponder to reply to mail messages for a few weeks. Eventually, I will completely disable the mailbox but keep the network account in order to provide scripting support next year when needed.

I have been giving more thought to my NECC presentation on culturally strategic development of a school intranet. The move to a different school helps, because I have to think carefully about what components of the UHS intranet will work well at Catlin Gabel, and which should be installed first. My first reaction is that CGS makes it a point to trust students with responsibility, so there likely will not be a negative reaction to unmoderated spaces such as discussion forums and photo galleries. My second thought is that a school that emphasizes its community spirit would probably want more community features on the home page, such as a random photo from the gallery. Then again, random photos may be too context-independent for an intranet home page.

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